Policy on Sustainability, Environment and Corporate Social Responsibility

The Ebro Foods Group (“Group”) considers sustainable growth to be the pillar of its business management strategy, through which it consolidates its position as a benchmark business group in its areas of activity and as a sound, innovative, sustainable, responsible, global enterprise, committed to: (i) social well-being, diversity, environmental balance and social and economic progress; and (ii) tax responsibility, respect of human rights and prevention of corruption and other illegal conduct. This entails developing a business model focusing on the generation of value, taking into consideration the interests of its human team, shareholders and investors, customers, suppliers, the media, the communities in which the Group operates and the environment. In this regard, the Group looks beyond the exclusive goal of achieving financial yield and now includes environmental, social and ethical criteria alongside economic variables in its decision-making processes. This Sustainability, Environment and Corporate Social Responsibility Policy establishes the basic principles and the general framework of action in the field of sustainability, the environment and corporate social responsibility assumed by the Company and the Group.