About Ebro

Business Model

We work under a multi-company, multi-country and multi-brand business model. In this context, we are established through 34 subsidiaries in the rice and pasta markets in Europe and North America and have a growing presence in other countries in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

It has a decentralised culture in our subsidiaries for certain management areas, such as Commercial and Marketing, Logistics, Procurements, Human Resources and Environment, with a clear focus on an adequate business for each country, taking account of its specific idiosyncrasies, culture, laws, etc. At a higher level, the parent company (Ebro Foods, S.A.), with a light, dynamic structure, is responsible for defining the Group’s overall strategy and management guidelines.

Our model goes beyond mere achieving financial returns and we have incorporated environmental, social and ethical criteria in our decision-making process implementing sustainable development throughout all the companies in the Group. Our model is based on ethics and integrity, which seeks to generate value for our employees, shareholders, investors, customers, consumers, suppliers, environment and the communities in which we are present; in short, for all our stakeholders.