Caring for You and the Planet

Sustainable growth and the creation of value for our stakeholders are basic pillars of our management strategy in order to position ourselves as a global, solid, innovative, socially responsible company committed to social welfare, environmental balance and economic progress.

Caring for You & the Planet is the global framework and motto with which the Group integrates all those actions aimed at developing its commitment to sustainable growth, People, Health and the Planet.

In this context, we have designed a Global Sustainability Plan called "HEADING TO 2030", which includes the objectives and actions that we will develop until 2030 in order to consolidate our sustainable business model.
This plan comprises three pillars of action: Caring for You, Caring for the Planet and Caring for Food.

Caring for you

Aimed at caring, retaining and promoting the development of our human capital and ensuring the labor well-being of our professionals, betting on continuous training and professional development for the retention of talent, the search for formulas for conciliation, the promotion of equality and diversity and occupational health and safety. Also ensure compliance with Human Rights in our value chain and continuously implement actions that contribute to the socioeconomic progress of our areas of influence.

Caring for the Planet

Preserving natural resources and ensuring the maintenance of biodiversity, ensuring the environmental efficiency of all the Group's operations, working on mitigating and adapting to climate change and guaranteeing the sustainability of our main raw materials.

Caring for Food

Take care of people's well-being and health by offering a healthy and differentiated diet that meets their expectations of quality, safety, nutrition, and health, while promoting healthy lifestyles and habits.

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