Ebro announces an extraordinary dividend for the sale of the dairy business

· In addition to the ordinary dividend (0.40 euro/share), Ebro Puleva will pay an extraordinary dividend of 92 million euro (0.60 euro/share), between 2010 and 2011

· The company will keep the word ¿Ebro¿ in its name, eliminating the reference to ¿Puleva¿

Madrid, 28 April 2010. As proof of our commitment to our shareholders, the Board of Directors of Ebro Puleva, S.A. resolved earlier today to submit a proposal at the forthcoming Annual General Meeting for the distribution of an extraordinary dividend in cash of 0.60 ¿/share, subject to completion of the sale of the dairy business.

The extraordinary dividend will be paid in four quarterly payments of 0.15 euro/share, in principle on the following dates: 1 October 2010, 23 December 2010, 4 April 2011 and 4 July 2011.

This extraordinary dividend complements the ordinary dividend of 0.40 euro/share against the 2009 earnings, announced earlier, also to be proposed at the AGM for distribution in four quarterly payments on 5 April, 1 July, 1 October and 23 December 2010.

We are able to undertake this ambitious dividend policy for the benefit of all our shareholders thanks to the financial strength of the Ebro Puleva Group, practically debt-free once we receive the proceeds of the dairy business sale.

The Board also decided to propose a change of name at the forthcoming Annual General Meeting. It has opted to keep the name ¿Ebro¿ by which the company is already widely known, thereby giving continuity to one of its most important identity traits both in the food sector and on the stock market, especially following its recent incorporation in the Ibex-35 index.