Ebro raises its ordinary dividend by 6.67% in 2013

At a meeting held earlier today, the Ebro Foods board resolved to propose a 6.67% increase in the ordinary dividend to be paid to its shareholders in 2013 against the 2012 profits. Ebro shareholders will receive €0.48 compared to €0.45 paid in 2012. In total, €73.8 million will be distributed among shareholders.
According to this proposal, to be put to the shareholders at the next general meeting, the ordinary dividend will be distributed in four-monthly payments of 0.16 €/share, payable on: 10 January, 10 May and 10 September 2013.
Based on forecasts already announced by Ebro Foods, the dividend per share approved would represent a pay-out (percentage of profit used to remunerate shareholders) of over 46% of the Group’s net profit at year-end 2012. At its closing price yesterday, the dividend yield per share would be 3.3%.
Ebro’s firm commitment to its shareholders
Once again, this increase in the dividend reflects Ebro’s effort and commitment to maintain an active shareholder remuneration policy, sharing with them the good results achieved by the company over the past year. The Group has paid out more than €250 million in ordinary dividends in the past four years, that is, €1.62 per share. In addition, a sum of €233.3 million has been distributed in extraordinary dividends, bringing the total to €490 million, practically one-quarter of the company’s market capitalisation.