Madrid, 20 December 2006. At a meeting held today, the Board of Directors of the Ebro Puleva Group approved a 6% increase in the dividend payable to its shareholders in 2007 against the 2006 profits. Ebro Puleva shareholders will receive 0.36 euro per share, compared to 0.34 euro in 2006. With this increase, a total dividend of ¿55.4 million will be distributed among the shareholders.

According to this proposal, to be laid before shareholders at the next general meeting, the dividend will be paid in four quarterly instalments of 0.09 euro/share each on the following dates: 2 April, 2 July, 2 October and 26 December 2007.

According to forecasts of the Group¿s year-end net profit announced by Ebro Puleva, the approved dividend represents a pay-out (percentage of the profit used to remunerate shareholders) of almost 30%. The dividend yield is affected by the sharp increase in value of the share, the market price of which is currently 37% up on last year, outstripping the average increase on Ibex 35 by 5% and way above the average increase recorded in the European Food sector, of 23%.

Ebro Puleva, committed to its shareholders

Following the major investments made during the year for the incorporation of New World Pasta and Minute Rice, this decision once again reflects the determination and commitment of Ebro Puleva to maintain an active shareholder remuneration policy. The decision adopted by the Board today will bring the sum of dividends paid out in the last three years to over 158 million euro.

Ebro Puleva (www.ebropuleva.com) is the leading Group in the Spanish food sector by turnover, profits, market capitalisation and international presence. Ebro Puleva is world leader in the rice sector, second worldwide in the pasta sector, leading sugar group in Spain and has the highest sales of dairy products in Spain. It has leading brands in each of these sectors, including: Panzani®, Ronzoni®, Skinner®, Healthy Harvest®, American Beauty®, Saint Giorgio®, Catelli® and Lancia® in pastas and sauces; Mahatma®, Sucess®, Carolina®, Minute®, Lustucru®, Taureau Ailé®, Oryza®, Bosto®, Reis-Fit®, Riceland®, Danrice®, Risella®, Brillante®, Nomen®, La Cigala® and La Fallera® in the rice sector; Puleva®, Ram® and El Castillo® in the dairy sector; and Azucarera® and Sucran® in the sugar sector.

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