Riviana is prized edge’s ‘Corporate Champion Appreciation Award’!

Riviana was recently recognised by the Economic Development Growth Engine (EDGE) with the Corporate Champion Appreciation Award for being a pillar to its community’s progress in South Memphis, as well as for its status as a Fortune 500 company employing a very high number of people from across the Memphis Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA).

Over the past few years, Riviana has collaborated extensively with EDGE in the development of PILOT programmes, in addition to other local and state incentives for the socio-economic progress of the region. The EDGE award is given to only one company from the following regional areas: Frayser/North Memphis, Whitehaven/Southeast Memphis, East Memphis and South Memphis/Orange Mound.

Hereby, we congratulate Riviana for its leading role in driving the momentum and growth of South Memphis, not to mention the positive impact of its involvement and the implementation of successful economic development strategies within the region.