Ebro Talent’s third edition

Ebro Talent, the programme promoted by Ebro Foods Foundation to boost and support innovation and sustainability in the Spanish food sector, has come to an end in its third consecutive year, proclaiming the start-up, Aotech, as winner.

Aotech obtained first prize with their presentation of a project aimed at monitoring the production of Ebro sauces by combining NIRS (Near-InfrRed Spectroscopy) technology and a predictive model which uses machine learning algorithms. In this way, information will be gathered in real-time, providing quick decision-making, thus, avoiding the loss of entire batches owed to errors in the composition or due to machinery malfunctions.

The remaining challenges of this third edition, as their respective winners, were:

  1. The first, “how to reduce the use of plastics in packaging”, with the winner being B’Zeos, with a proposal for packaging made from algae that is fully compostable.
  2. There was also an open challenge, in which all technological solutions or innovations that could be applied to the agri-food value chain and which could contribute to the programme’s objectives were accepted. The two winners of this challenge were Bioferric, dedicated to the regeneration of rice maceration water through a customised filtration system to extract inorganic and organic salts and be able to reuse the water in the process; as well as Bioprocesia, aimed at the revaluation of rice husks, fermenting them for the formulation of specialised animal feedstuffs.

We are pleased to see how, year after year, Ebro Talent Caring for Innovation attracts a greater number of entrepreneurs who want to make their innovative idea a reality. This year a new record number of participants was reached, with 42 projects submitted.

Tercera edición de Ebro Talent