Ebrosur launches its “Young Professionals 2023″programme!

Ebrosur, our Argentine subsidiary, has launched, in the area of Entre Ríos, a programme to attract and retain talent in the industrial area called “Jóvenes Profesionales 2023” (Young Professionals 2023). This plan arose from the difficulty of finding qualified personnel in the area.

In a first stage, contact was made with universities and technical secondary schools in the region where framework agreements were signed so that future agronomists and industrial engineers could carry out internships in their facilities. In this same context, open days were held so that these institutions could visit the company’s facilities.

The first results of this project have been the hiring of two engineers, one electromechanical and one industrial, at the Chajarí plant, who will complete their training over a period of twelve months, going through all the factory’s production processes, starting with the supply area. Simultaneously, both engineers are receiving training in different areas such as health and safety, emotional intelligence, leadership, etc., accompanied and guided at all times by the team leaders.

The company is currently replicating this initiative at its Charrúas plant.

Through this project, Ebrosur pursues a twofold objective: 1) to facilitate access to the labour market for young graduates or those in their final year of their degree, and 2) to be their first choice for the development of their professional career.

Ebrosur, Jóvenes Profesionales 2023