Healthy habits for digestive care

Stress, bad habits, and a fast-paced lifestyle can damage the wellbeing of our digestive system. Adopting a healthy diet can help to eliminate certain discomforts such as intestinal gas’, constipation or heartburn. Yet there are other factors that damage our stomach health beyond the food we eat.

How can we take care of our digestive system?

Eat slowly and chew well

  • Chewing food is crucial for a successful digestion. By doing so, we can ease the trespass of food throughout the entire digestive process, contributing to a lighter as easier digestion.
  • Once aware of the importance of chewing, eating in a relaxed environment can help in slowing down the process of eating, hence, avoiding the repercussion of intestinal gases.
  • It is also advisable to distribute the food intake in small meals throughout the day to facilitate the digestive process to our body.

Mantener elKeeping the body hydrated cuerpo hidratado 

  • Water is an essential element within the digestive process, as it helps to the breaking down of food during digestion, hereby, preventing constipation problems.
  • It is advisable to opt for drinking water during meals. Other substitutes for maintaining the body hydrated can be natural juice, soups, fruits, vegetables, or herbal teas.

Consuming foods with fiber

  • The consumption of fiber helps prevent, or mitigate, the symptoms of constipation and aids in the maintenance of a healthy weight.
  • Fiber can reduce the risk of hemorrhoids, lowers cholesterol levels, and minimizes the risk of diabetes.

Hand washing

  • Before handling foods, having a good hand hygiene has proven to be an efficient way towards preventing and controlling infections, or diseases inflicted by germs, or bacteria within the food eaten.

Exercising the body on a regular basis

Practicing physical activity benefits the digestive system. It promotes intestinal mobility, increases the rate of metabolism, and reduces stress levels.

These little tips will most likely contribute to the improvement of your digestive health!

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