Did you know that Mundiriz celebrates every year a day dedicated to strengthen the engagement with its rice suppliers?

Aware of the importance for the success of its business of having a fluid and trusting relationship with its agricultural suppliers, Mundiriz launched an innovative initiative.

They incorporated a few years ago, as a best practice in the management of its supply chain, the celebration of an annual meeting with its rice suppliers in the Gharb region.

In addition to strengthening the relationship with its suppliers, the Company’s objective with these meetings is to encourage coexistence and rapprochement with and among them, to create a space for sharing best practices, generating knowledge, learning about their concerns and, in short, to achieve sustainable and efficient management of its supply chain.

After a two-year interruption due to the pandemic, the last of these meetings was held just a month ago. One of the attractions of this event for suppliers is Mundiriz’s traditional drawing before a notary public of a batch of 10 trips for a pilgrimage to Mecca. In many cases, this prize is a unique opportunity for them to make the pilgrimage. It should be noted that the winners always go on this trip accompanied by an employee of Mundiriz itself.

In this edition, with the aim of thanking and rewarding the effort, loyalty, and commitment of the farmers, Mundiriz has increased the number of trips to Mecca from 10 to 15 and has also added six additional prizes consisting of six Samsung TVs. Five of them went to the farmers who obtained the best agricultural yields in each of the five growing areas, and the sixth went to the female farmer who achieved the best yield in all areas, in recognition of the great role played by women in the field and as a measure to promote equality.

After the awards ceremony, all the attendees enjoyed the excellence of Moroccan gastronomy.