Did you know that our subsidiaries share knowledge and best practices about their businesses?

Professional and personal relationships between the teams of the different companies of the Group is a practice that is cultivated much more frequently than we think.

Although we are in different countries, there are many areas in which we work together and, therefore, we can share learning and professional experiences.

This is the context of the visit that our colleagues from Herba Bangkok recently made to Ebro India, whose main objective was to get to know the high-quality chemical laboratory (EINFRAC) installed in the subsidiary. In the words of Diehan Pretorius, Compliance & Sustainability Director of Herba Bangkok, it also allowed them to “discuss processes and quality controls, production, packaging, value-added activities, sustainability, share good manufacturing practices and align existing and future developments.

For Peter Walker, Managing Director of Ebro India: “It was wonderful to have Diehan and Jack from Herba Bangkok visit us and to get to know them both personally and professionally. Both organizations share a passion for continues improvement. This visit gave us the opportunity to learn and challenge each other to bring out the best in both Companies. We will continue to stay in touch to carry on our learning and continue to challenge the status quo.