Sustainable living tips

The carbon footprint is the total volume of greenhouse gases (GHG) produced by human economic and daily activities. Therefore, it is important to take measures to reduce it as much as possible, becoming aware of our daily routines and actions, thus promoting a more sustainable life. How to apply sustainability in your daily life?

  1. Responsible consumption

Avoid food waste and buy what you really need by planning your shopping in advance. Opt for reusable bags and avoid products with excessive plastic packaging.

  1. Sustainable mobility

For short journeys, choose to walk or cycle; for longer journeys, use public transport. Hybrid or electric vehicles, as well as carpooling and carsharing (rental methods) are also good alternatives to reduce CO2 emissions from cars.

  1. Sustainable fashion

Take care of the clothes you already own to make them last longer. One of the best ways is not to wash them more than necessary. You can also buy clothes that are responsibly made from recycled material and have an eco-label.

  1. Reduce, recycle, reuse

This consumption philosophy will help you reduce your environmental impact with small daily actions.

Reduce, and even reject, all unnecessary items such as single-use plastics, samples or gifts, advertising, as well as receipts and purchase tickets.

Recycle by disposing of materials in the appropriate container, with the goal of creating new products.

Reuse, allowing products to be reused for the same or a different purpose. Make smart purchases by acquiring reusable, durable, repairable and rechargeable products (batteries, shopping bags, thermoses, etc.).