II edition of the Sustainability & Environmental Awards

The Ebro Foundation has celebrated this year the second edition of the Sustainability and Environmental Awards, a competition to promote internal talent in the field of sustainability by identifying projects that contribute to achieving the objectives of our General Sustainability Plan HEADING TOWARDS 2030. 

This new edition has confirmed the consolidation of this initiative and the commitment to sustainability within the Group. There have been very interesting and innovative projects presented by all the participants subsidiaries: Riviana Foods, Boost Nutrition, Ebro Foods Netherland, Ebro India, Lassie, Garofalo, Tilda, S&B Herba Foods and Risella. 

All of them have presented excellent proposals aimed at the efficient use of natural resources in their production processes through renewable energies; as well as initiatives on reuse of waste water, reduction of emissions, sustainability agriculture, search for vegetable alternatives to meat, reduction in packaging materials, retention of talent, etc.

According to the evaluation criteria established in the announcement of the awards, the winning projects were the ones presented by the companies Ebro India and Tilda, in first position, and the company Herba Ingredients, who won the second prize.

Ebro India and Tilda jointly presented a sustainable agriculture programme in 450 Basmati rice lands in Haryana, India, for water conservation and greenhouse gas (methane) reduction through the promotion of alternative wet drying (AWD) by 2022.

The final goal is to develop an Integrated Sustainability Plan for basmati rice producers that deals with these two challenges (highly relevant for climate change) and to expand it over the next three years to all our basmati rice suppliers in that country.

Finally, Herba Ingredients project consists on the development of meat substitutes based on the texture of fava bean proteins (produced with fava beans grown in Holland), an innovation of Herba Ingredients that is completely new on the market. This initiative will allow, on one hand, the replacement of animal protein in certain meat-based products with a 100% vegetable alternative and on the other hand, to transform the agriculture in Netherlands by increasing the cultivation of fava beans, which will contribute to the reduction of emissions and environmental preservation of the environment.

We congratulate to the winners and to all the participants for their magnificent proposals and their commitment to the sustainable growth of the Ebro Group.

We encourage you all to start thinking about new ideas for next year!