Our colleague, Yash Singh Pal, awarded at the World HRD Congress 2022

Yash Singh Pal, Human Resources Director of Ebro India, has been awarded for his work on Human Resources at the 30th edition of the “Top Most HR Leaders” awards of the World HRD Congress (https://www.worldhrdcongress.com/).

The Congress is an association of Human Resources professionals from around the world, which annually awards Human Resources leaders in various categories as one of its actions to highlight the value of people management.

The World HRD Congress & Awards 2022 was held in Mumbai bringing together thousands of professionals from 133 countries. In addition, this year being a special edition, the Congress will publish a book of the stories of these leaders who are recognised for “Making the Difference”.

Congratulations Yash on this well-deserved recognition for your magnificent work at the head of Human Resources at Ebro India!