How to turn your kitchen into a sustainable space

Measures to protect the environment must be carried out in all areas, including our daily life on a personal level. Here are some tips to make your kitchen a sustainable space.

1. Betting on seasonal products

By consuming these products we achieve a triple benefit:

  • We respect its life cycle, without forcing its cultivation with fertilizers.
  • We help local production and economy 
  • We mitigate our carbon footprint by avoiding long-distance transportation.

2. Choose sustainable materials

  • Plastic takes 500 years on average to decompose
  • Single-use utensils increase the amount of waste we generate
  • Glass and ceramic containers are the most environmentally friendly alternative 
  • Cloth bags and napkins reduce our environmental impact

3. Uses triple-A appliances

Efficient appliances achieve considerable savings in water and electricity. Energy excellence is in those appliances with A+++ label. In addition, use small tips to make a responsible use of them. For example:

  • Optimizes dishwasher space
  • Locate the refrigerator separate from other appliances, such as the oven.
  • Use tap aerators

4. Fighting food waste

Incorrect food storage is one of the major causes of food waste. Keep in mind that:

  • Fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs and legumes keep well between 6 and 10 degrees Celsius.
  • Meat, fish and dairy desserts need to be at 4 degrees.
  • Sorting by expiration date, both in the refrigerator and in the pantry, will help you consume foods with a shorter shelf life first.

And don’t forget to prepare trash cooking recipes at least once a week. 

You can now start mitigating your carbon footprint. Are you ready?

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