S&B Herba Foods and Risella, winners of the “Sustainability and Environmental Awards” promoted by the Ebro Foundation

Last March, the Ebro Foods Foundation launched the Sustainability and Environmental Awards initiative among the Group companies, a competition to promote internal talent in the field of sustainability by identifying projects that contribute to achieving the objectives of our General Sustainability Plan HEADING TOWARDS 2030.  The response has been a success and very interesting and innovative initiatives have been received from the participating subsidiaries, a total of seven.

The winning projects of this first edition, which will be repeated every year, were the companies S&B Herba Foods (SBHF) and Risella. SBHF submitted a total of four projects to the competition, of which the winners were an initiative to reduce water consumption by using rainwater as “gray water” in the toilets of its facilities; and a program to reduce approximately 300 tons of waste destined for landfill each year.

Risella, meanwhile, presented #TheForestBulding, a 3D urban forest of trees illustrated on a building that will use a special type of paint that absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere. A headline will be placed on the paint to explain how much CO2 the brand is eliminating thanks to the illustration and the elimination of plastics in its packaging. 

Garofalo, which designed a project focused on the circularity and proximity of the cardboard used as packaging, has received a special mention that will allow it to launch a pilot of the program during this year 2021.

The other participating companies were Herba Ingredients, Transimpex, Lassie and Riviana. All of them have presented extraordinary proposals aimed at an efficient use of natural resources in their production processes, crop sustainability, food waste or consumer awareness.

Blanca Hernández, President of the Ebro Foods Foundation, expressed her satisfaction with the interest shown in the call: “I would like to thank all the subsidiaries for the enthusiasm with which you have responded; it has been very exciting to see your involvement in sustainability and, especially, how you have thrown yourselves into this particular initiative. I am very happy and proud of the extraordinary internal talent that exists within the Group. These awards will continue each year and will be a source of ideas to help us constantly improve the sustainability of our business model. We look forward to your continued participation.

S&B Herba Foods and Risella, winners of the "Ebro Fundación Sustainability and Environmental Awards"
S&B Herba Foods and Risella, winners of the “Ebro Fundación Sustainability and Environmental Awards”