Recommendations for summer sports

Summer is an ideal situation to practice outdoor sports, this being one of the most important habits to take care of our health. However, during the summer season, there are some factors which can be harmful when practicing sports, such as high temperatures or high sun exposure.

Therefore, we give you some recommendations that will help you take care of yourself!


  • Replenishing fluids throughout the day is key to keeping your body hydrated
  • Alternating water with isotonic drinks will allow you to recover minerals lost through sweating
  • Consuming summer fruits and vegetables daily will be of great help to prevent dehydration

Appropriate time and place

  • It is essential to avoid practicing sport during the hottest hours (between 12:00 and 17:00)
  • The best times to practice sport are are, either in the morning, or in the evening
  • It is important to choose a place with access to shaded areas to rest

Sun protection

  • It is essential to use sunscreen for any outdoor activity
  • It is recommended to use a high sun protection factor and repeat applications as often as necessary

Functional clothing

  • Wearing appropriate, light, breathable functional clothing will facilitate air circulation
  • To prevent sunstroke, it is essential to wear a light-colored cap

Body signals

  • Listening to your body is the best way to prevent any problems caused by overactivity
  • It is key to pay attention to body sings, such as calf and thigh cramps, pale face, headaches, and dizziness