Did you know BRILLANTE® has been recognized as the fastest growing food brand in 2022?

We are in luck! The Brand Footprint 2023 ranking (issued by Kantar Worlpanel) has awarded our brand, Brillante®, for having been the food brand with the highest growth in CRP’s (Consumer Reach Points) in Spain during the past twelve months.

Kantar analyzes all purchase occasions over the course of a year to create a ranking of the most popular brands in Spanish households regarding food, beverages, drugstore, and perfumery categories, identifying the Top 50 most chosen brands in Spain.

In this context, Brillante® has gained a position within the Top 50 brands with the highest growth in CRPs, in the area of food, with a growth of 9%. This milestone takes a great relevance due to the current inflationary environment, which favors the MDD, and which portrays the strength of our brand, as its ability to meet to consumer’s needs.

Congratulations to our Marketing colleagues!

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