Ebro Foods receives Annual Golden Award for its outstanding work in the UK

The Spanish Chamber of Commerce in the United Kingdom has distinguished our company the Annual Golden Award 2020 in recognition of Ebro’s outstanding achievements in the British market. This is an important award given annually to recognize the performance of Spanish companies in that country.

The award was collected at the Spanish Embassy in London by the Chairman, Antonio Hernández Callejas, who expressed his gratitude for the award and said he was very happy and proud of this distinction: “we have had very close personal and professional ties with the United Kingdom for over 30 years, where we have three British companies and six production plants that employ 470 people and generate a turnover of £280 million a year“.

The Chairman pointed out that “Ebro’s journey in the United Kingdom began in the late 1980s with the acquisition of the rice company Joseph Heap & Sons Ltd., the seed of other important investments that have enabled us to remain deeply immersed in the rice business and enjoy a significant presence in the industrial, food service and retail channels.  He ended his speech by emphasizing that “our intention is to continue to strengthen this presence and to promote the development of our brands Tilda in the retail channel and Kohinoor in the ethnic segment“.

The president of the Chamber of Commerce, Eduardo Barrachina, pointed out during his speech that the award wants to recognize the work and determination of a company fully committed to growth, sustainability, innovation and high quality. For Barrachina, the fascinating thing about Ebro Foods is that “it owns many brands around the world that belong to the sentimental universe of millions of people. EBRO food products live in millions of homes around the world“.

The event was also attended by the Spanish Ambassador to the United Kingdom, José Pascual Marco Martínez, in his first official act as Ambassador with the Chamber.