About Ebro Group

Results of the third trimester of 2022

In an extremely complicated scenario, the Group has achieved a significant increase in both turnover and adjusted EBITDA, proving that our business model is apt also in adverse scenarios. The high-cost inflation in logistics, raw materials, energy, etc… has followed the trend set in previous quarters, affecting all aspects of our operations. Differentiation, diversification, diligent… Read more

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Be sustainable and healthy

The best foods to fight the cold and keep you healthy

When temperatures drop, our body becomes more vulnerable and the chances of suffering from infections and colds increase. A good diet is essential to strengthen the immune system and prepare our body for the coldest months of the year. Thus, we will eliminate excesses and toxins and we will be able to fill the body… Read more

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Do you know how to recycle correctly?

Millions of tons of waste are generated every year and although more than 75% could be recycled, only 30% is recycled. The low recycling rate is a real problem that is often linked to the lack of knowledge of the recycling process of each material. In this infographic we explain everything you need to know… Read more

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