Outstanding results in an exceptional year

Ebro completes its best year ever
Ebro completes its best year ever

In an extremely complex year due to the emergence of COVID-19, the Group reacted in an extraordinary manner, completing the best year in our history and achieving record figures: €3,237 million in revenues (+15.1%), EBITDA-A of €435 million (+27%) and net income of €192.4 million (+35.7%).

Apart from the financial figures, it has been a year of major milestones.

We have maintained employment, ensured the supply of our products on the shelves and guaranteed consumers’ peace of mind in times of great uncertainty.

We have invested €21 million to the development of measures aimed at combating the effects of the pandemic, and we have also supported our shareholders in the current difficult economic context by distributing a historic dividend of €386 million.

It has been an exceptional year thanks to the professionalism, commitment and effort of everyone.

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