Business areas

The core businesses of Ebro Foods are rice and pasta. Within these areas, Ebro develops its business model with the different technologies: dry, fresh, pre-cooked and frozen.

Apart from rice and pasta, the Group also produces and puts on the market high value added products in the following areas: sauces, ready meals, fresh potato and other related foods.





The group is world leader in this business area. Its origins in Spain date back to 1950 and it began its international expansion in 1986 with the purchase of leading brands and companies in Europe, United States and Canada. Now present also on the African and Asian continents, the division operates through a broad portfolio of leading brands and products in their category. This business area accounts for 51% of Ebro’s total sales.





Pasta, sauces & others

This division is represented by the companies New World Pasta (leader in the United States and Canada), Panzani (no. 1 in France in the dry and fresh pasta, sauces, couscous and semolina sectors) and Pastificio Lucio Garofalo (Italy). Apart from these countries, the group’s brands are also present in Belgium, Hungary, United Kingdom, Algeria, United Arab Emirates, Czech Republic and Russia, so in just ten years, Ebro has positioned itself as second pasta manufacturer in the world. The division overall now accounts for 49% of the Group’s business.