Electronic Shareholders’ Forum – AGM June 2024

Coinciding with publication of the notice of call to the Annual General Meeting of shareholders 2024, Ebro Foods, S.A. has enabled an Electronic Forum for shareholders to facilitate communication among them prior to the Meeting. It is available for access with due guarantees by individual shareholders and any voluntary associations they may set up.

In this Forum, shareholders can publish proposals they wish to table to supplement the agenda announced in the notice of call, requests for support for those proposals, initiatives to reach the percentage required by law to exercise a minority right and offers or requests for voluntary proxies.

Please remember that the Electronic Shareholders’ Forum is not a platform for exercising your rights to vote, appoint proxies and attend the General Meeting.

To register in the Forum, users must access and prove their identity and shareholder status as stipulated in the Regulations of the Forum and the Conditions for access, registration, use and operation, which can be consulted on the following links:

To access the Electronic Shareholders’ Forum for the Annual General Meeting of June 2024, click on the following link:

Access to the Electronic Shareholders’ Forum